A new debut for the digital revolution: according to Vittorio Massone, only the beginning of a radical transformation


The changes experienced so far are only a taste and the real transformation will take place in the next twenty years, affecting the business-to-business sectors and leading to an ICT-driven economy: Vittorio Massone, expert in management and digital strategies, is convinced of this, and in the occasion of an intervention on the theme of digital revolution explained that the true digital revolution has yet to reach its full potential.

The digital revolution has brought about an undeniable change within everyone’s lives: the daily actions, as well as the way of thinking, buying and working implemented twenty years ago, now seem light years away, so radical was this process of transformation. However, the digital revolution has not ended its drive, on the contrary, as argued by the expert on digital innovation projects, it can be said that the digital revolution is at the start of a new debut, also extending to those areas other than the consumer area.

Vittorio Massone continues his intervention by arguing that the changes that have marked the digital revolution in the last two decades will show their effects in the next twenty and more years, up to having an ICT driven economy and society in all sectors. Until now, in fact, the most visible changes have affected consumer areas. Today, the digital revolution and opportunities are moving to the fields of operations (i.e., the functions of a company involved in making a given product available to the customer), the distribution chain and those businesses that target companies and trade between market operators and public administration structures.

These sectors are inherently slower in changes than those purely aimed at consumption, called to constantly keep up with changes in our purchasing behaviour. What is certain, concludes the expert in management and digital strategies, is that the digital revolution that is affecting the business-to-business sectors will begin to move on a scale that will generate very profound impacts on the economic fabric.

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